Traffic Violations

You like to think of yourself as a responsible driver, and yet, you have recently been accused of not following the rules of the road. Depending on the nature of the allegation, you could face thousands in fines and insurance premium increases. If you would like to avoid these fines and keep associated insurance rate increases to a minimum, you can benefit greatly from a consultation with Barton Sobel, Attorney at Law.

Types of Traffic Charges

The vast majority of those who seek Barton Sobel’s assistance with traffic matters have been hit with speeding tickets. However, Barton Sobel also defends those who have been accused of committing several other traffic violations. These charges are classified based on whether the vehicle was in motion at the time of the alleged incident. Non-moving violations such as expired license plates and leaving a vehicle unattended are typically somewhat less severe, although they can potentially carry harsh repercussions. Moving violations include speeding, driving below the minimum speed limit, running a stoplight, running a stop sign, failure to stop for a school bus, and driving without a seatbelt, among others.

New York’s Point System

Other than avoiding fines, the chief goal of most clients is to minimize points. New York’s point system is very complicated, but in general, drivers can expect to receive at least three points if they exceed the speed limit. The number of points added increases substantially for those who are accused of driving over twenty miles per hour above the posted limit. Other moving violations range from two to five points, depending on the severity of the infraction. After accumulating over ten points in an eighteen-month period, drivers are required to appear in DMV court. If a courtroom visit proves necessary, Barton Sobel can provide the aggressive representation needed to prevent license revocation.

Traffic Defense at Barton Sobel, Attorney at Law

Fight speeding and other moving violations! Reduce or eliminate points. Save thousands in fines, surcharges, NYS driver assessment and insurance premium increases. You will accomplish this and more when you work with Barton Sobel, Attorney at Law. Your goal is to remain behind the wheel — and with Barton Sobel’s help, you can do exactly that. His service area includes all of the traffic courts in the state of New York.

Get in touch to learn more about how his aggressive defense can keep your driving record clear.

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