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Finding the right attorney to work with is easy when you contact the law office of Barton Sobel, Attorney at Law. Bart has been helping the people of New York State for over 27 years now, since he was first licensed to practice law in 1988. He is an exceptional advocate for his clients, working closely with them to achieve their goals and fight for their rights. His law practice is dedicated to helping people manage important legal matters in the areas of Personal injury, Speeding & Traffic Tickets, Real Estate and Wills & Living Wills.

Education and Experience give Attorney Barton Sobel an important advantage when he handles cases for clients across New York State. After earning a BS in Accounting at the City University of New York’s Brooklyn College, in 1985, he continued his pursuit of an advanced degree. In 1988, he earned his Juris Doctor Law Degree from the Yeshiva University, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. Following his graduation, Bart opened his solo law practice in Great Neck, NY, and began serving clients statewide.

Traffic Violations

Attorney Sobel represents clients in all traffic courts in New York State. He understands the importance of fighting back against speeding and traffic violations. He also has helped clients save thousands in fees and fines if you do not protect your rights, the results can be very costly and last forever. You may lose your driver’s license or have it suspended, incur high fines and other penalties, such as higher insurance premiums. With his excellent skills, you may be able to get charges and points reduced or eliminated.

Personal Injury Matters

Attorney Sobel works with many people who need help to recover fair compensation from personal injury accidents and negligent behavior. He has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for clients over the past 28 years. Some have had serious injuries from vehicle accidents that were caused by the negligence of another driver. Others suffered harm from Medical Malpractice or Workplace Safety violations. Slip & Fall accidents occur frequently, in any setting, including on private and public property.

Elder Law

Trusts, Estates, Wills, & Probate. Protecting your rights, your assets and your heirs goes hand-in-hand with proper legal documentation. Attorney Sobel knows how to make your property and inheritance wishes a reality; he has helped hundreds of clients get what they wanted from property transactions and estate planning.

Bring your legal matters to a legal professional who cares and who can help you obtain justice today.

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